Overview ...

Jelly Jones, Keeper of the Key, has returned to Jomiadore with a wizard by her side. With Einar poised to invade the East, Jelly would seem to be at a possible advantage--except that the wizard's wizardly powers don't work on Jomiadore. Inconvenient, to say the least. And that's not all.

Despite Gil's explanation about her brothers' connection to Jomiadore, Jelly intends to see Stick and Jug safely returned to Earth. She then plans to run about the East warning gnardgies, centaurs, winged horses, and anyone else she can find about the inevitable invasion that only she knows about. However, predictably, nothing goes as planned, beginning with a visit from three Wislan with good news and worse news. For Jelly, the news brings confusion, possible freedom from the Key, and an impossible decision--should she sacrifice the freedom of one world for the safety of another?

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