About the Author

A. J. Smith was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. On her seventh birthday, the Smith family moved to Richmond, BC where they stayed for a while before they left for Bellingham, WA and became aliens in the USA. In Bellingham, A. J. Smith finished high school, college, and the first draft of The Keeper.

Eventually she moved to Santa Barbara, CA, loved it, but had to leave for Redondo Beach where she wrote the second book and rewrote parts of The Keeper.

After finishing the second book, she went to Disneyland a lot, then moved back to Bellingham for several months, then left to settle in Old Orchard Beach, ME for two months while she wrote the third book, rewrote a huge portion of The Keeper, and a smaller portion of the second book.

Then she returned to Bellingham, went to Disneyworld, and finally decided to go ahead and digitally publish The Keeper Trilogy.

It took longer than she thought it would, but she remembered Commander Taggert’s advice to “Never give up, never surrender,” and she got it done.

A. J. Smith currently lives somewhere on Earth. Most likely.