Welcome to the website where you can find some limited information on The Keeper Trilogy! How exciting! That is why the use of the exclamation marks!

The Keeper Trilogy is tentatively aimed toward readers of ages 9 to 12, though the hope is that the audience range is more ‘kind of likes to read’ to ‘loves to read.’ The author is pretty sure that an audience of ‘hates to read’ will not like the trilogy. However, the author may be wrong and ‘hates to read’ may like these books, too.

In any case, thanks for visiting. Click the book covers, read about the books, then buy the books. Or buy the books before reading about them. Your choice. All you have to do is click on the cover then click on your prefered digital reading experience. Have fun!

Book #1

The Keeper

Book #2

The Guardians

Book #3

The Tear